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Enough for the crazy entrance. Anyway today was okay. Had to make mom breakfast in bed today *groans*, I got stuck with egg duty(again). Whats even more depressing is that next month Ill have to do it again for Dad. Anyway thanks Mason Ironhorn for being the first to actually join the army.

Go onto Vampire area 1 in the commons tomorrow at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central, 6:00 mountain, and 5:00 pacific. Again Mason I just need to meet you so I  can add you then.


So yeah this took me a couple minutes to make, no biggy. I still need to get some photoshop type thingy though. Whatev.

THE PIECE OF BACON IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recent Events

Ok peoplezez. In one day I think I have done quite a lot to get started on my blog here. I already have a chat room and i have set up my army. About the army.

  1. Any recruits that find this page click on the army of wizard 101(AWW) link and leave a comment with your wizard101 name, lvl and rank in pvp
  2. I will try and update it asap if I can get to it
  3. On certain posts I will say Recruiting Party at certain times. I will give the time of it for all the American time zones(sorry, I dont know the others), I will say what realm its on and what area. Make sure to go on chat because I will give orders on their. I will try and reschedule it on another realm if one is full
  4. Every weekend for a certain amout of time we will go around on a different realm into all the different areas. We will shout  WE OWN THIS REALM, or WE CONTROL THIS REALM. We will go to all the free person areas on each realm, and in each area. If anyone objects then we duel them in pvp. If we win against all the objections we take the server.
  5. Remember for ranks its first come first serve(unless there is a huge lvl difference between some people, the high lvl people will get higher ranks).
  6. Also if there is another army out there that challenges us, or I declare war on them. We will have a series of pvp battles. Best 3/5 wins the server



Yep here I am. After a grueling day of going around on various web site builders the Prince of Bacon has finally found the best site to build my blog off of. BOOYAH! Anyway just give me a couple of weeks to get the hang of this, ok guys? Anyway earlier today I went on Dakota Titanhammer(one of Morgrims Alts) and beat up a life legendary in practice pvp. Did I mention Dakota is only lvl 31?>>>>>>

Anyway it was pretty interesting to do that. Also I have an idea that will change wizard101 forever. I am going to build the first REAL army of Wizard101. I will make an army page asap once I get this thing up and running